Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Getting Close

So I know I haven't written much about the pregnancy, but there really hasn't been anything to write about. I have had a great pregnancy. I haven't had heartburn or Braxton Hicks (at least I don't think I have). I haven't had a lot of symptoms that seem to be common. I feel very fortunate. However, I am not sure how I feel about the doctors here.

I realize every doctor is different when it comes to things., but here I am two weeks before my due date and they haven't checked to see if I have dilated or anything. Last week they once again just checked Hannah's heartbeat, measured my belly, and off I went. Maybe the next two weeks will be different. I also just started going more than once a month. I am a first time mom, so I am not sure what to expect going to the doctor anyway.

I am very excited to have her get here. Even though I am so close to the due date I don't feel like I am sick of being pregnant. I guess a lot of people really feel it in the last month or few weeks, but I still feel pretty ok. Yes, I still get tired and I hate getting up in the middle of the night, but otherwise I still feel pretty good. Don't get me wrong, I am very eager to meet my daughter and finally become a mom. I know she will be perfect no matter what.

Look for more as it gets closer to the due date and Hannah makes her appearance.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Feeling Blessed

With recent happenings in other's lives I am feeling more blessed these few days. I feel so blessed that I have had a healthy pregnancy and my husband and I are able to provide for our daughter. We were fortunate enough not to have any problems getting pregnant or carrying her so far, and I am so thankful for this.

One of my new favorite shows is "Pregnant in Heels, " which is about a maternity concierge in New York City who helps women prepare for their child. She also designs her own maternity line and provides classes. Despite all this, her and her husband have a hard time conceiving their second child and have to use treatments. Obviously I don't know what a roller coaster this can be, but my heart goes out to anyone who has to go through this. Some of these women are the best moms, yet they have to work extra hard to get the family they want. I think they appreciate their family more for it, however.

I can't take anything for granted. Despite my bad days, I am still blessed to have a healthy daughter.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Hopes for my Daughter

Of course I was one of the millions of people watching the Royal Wedding Friday. I didn't get up at 4 am, but you can bet my DVR was set so when I got up I was ready to watch. I would love to have just an ounce of beauty that Catherine has.

When I was about 15 or 16 I had a huge crush on Price William. While unpacking some boxes about a month ago, I came across some posters and magazine covers I had saved. He was one of my teenage crushes. :-)

Watching the wedding got me thinking about my daughter, Hannah, and her future. She isn't even here yet, but I think like any parent you want the best for your child. I pray she finds her Prince Charming, someone who will take care of her and love her unconditionally.

I hope I do well teaching her right from wrong. I look back on my life, and while I have few regrets, I know these are mistakes I don't want her to repeat. No one is perfect, I know. For me making mistakes is how I learn best.

It is amazing how much you can love someone who isn't here yet. Everyday is one day closer to meeting Hannah, and I can't wait!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Becoming A Mom

I am 17 1/2 weeks into my pregnancy, and I can't believe how quickly it is going. However, I still feel like I have forever until baby is here.

So far I think I have had a pretty easy pregnancy. I did get nauseous at first, but never threw up. I can't tell you how many naps I've taken, but I do love sleep. :-) I'm still waiting for that burst of energy that I hear comes in the second trimester. Hunger hasn't really been an issue. I haven't been hungry all the time like I thought I would be, rather I have the same hunger as before and really don't eat more than I did before.

My husband I had been trying for about two months when we found out we were pregnant. It was one of the most exciting and nervous days of my life, and I have no idea why I was nervous. I guess because I was so early on and I was nervous to lose the baby. However, that all seems to go away when you hear the heartbeat for the first time. AMAZING! My husband, John, and I found out that we are having a girl just a few days ago. We plan to name her Hannah.

In the mist of all of this we have moved from Texas to New York. My husband is in the military and we are being stationed at Ft. Drum, which is our first permanent duty station. We are excited for all the changes coming our way and can't wait to meet our little girl.